Keep learning, take opportunities and grow. This enabled me to build broad knowledge and experience in several branches and jobs. I can find my way in many new environments quickly. When there is a large amount of complexity and dynamics, and when initiative and proactive measures are required, I am at my best.

Branches and jobs

I got my experience in retail and franchising, as a business advisor for management and franchise entrepreneurs, but also for independent entrepreneurs. Prior to this I had several communication jobs. At an advertisement company, as a communications consultant for institutions and companies, but also as communications specialist at a non-profit organisation which lobbied for its members’ interests at the authorities.


The knowledge required to do these jobs, I gained at Radboud University, where I studied Communication and at Nyenrode Business University, where I studied Business Administration. Besides that, I took many courses, amongst others in the field of marketing, pr and coaching. More information can also be found on my LinkedIn profile.