You have a fabulous idea and you are the right man or woman to do the task. Why bother putting it down on paper?

You should, for you. You don’t only want to think you have a brilliant idea, you also want to explain why it is such a great idea. When making a business plan you are forced to seriously consider your company’s opportunities but also risks. It is better to do this while planning then when you have already started a company and are unexpectedly faced with unanticipated developments. While making your business plan you reconsider what problem your product or service solves for potential customers, in what way you distinguish from your competition and how the market develops. By putting it down in a business plan you, as well as your financers, clearly see your strengths.

Weaknesses and risks

The weaknesses and risks are made clear in the plan. You can anticipate, look for solutions. When you have a good business plan you will know before even starting, how much you need to sell in order to be able to provide for your basic needs and how long you can get by when selling less. That’s important as well.

Financial plan

In order to be able to make a good business plan you need to become acquainted with the market, your competition and target groups. You also need some financial knowledge. One of the important parts of a business plan, is the financial plan. The financial plan is a numeric translation of your idea. It shows you how your business is expected to develop financially in the years to come. Your business plan is important for your financers, including the financial plan which is part of it. Based on this information, together with his assessment of your entrepreneurial qualities, will make him decide whether he will or will not provide you with financial means.

Future and security

I have completed a solid business administrative education and broad experience, which ensure excellent support when making a business plan. I can help you find the right information on your market, competition and target groups. I can help you make complicated financial reports, such as investment budget, operating budget and liquidity forecast, as well as correctly putting down your ideas, so a financer will immediately acknowledge your company has a good future ahead.

The value of a business plan
‘Finding branch data was quite easy, but mapping the local situation, target group size, their buying behaviour and competition was quite tough. More extensive research was required. This research was necessary to know if the expected turnover could actually be made in that location.’’- Creato
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