Do you see an opportunity to expand, but you don’t have the expertise to shape it? Or has there been an event which brought your company in troubled water? Perhaps there may be a business specialist or interim manager.

Business specialist or interim manager

Every entrepreneur will have to deal with opportunities and changing circumstances. Usually you succeed in tackling them, but sometimes it’s a better option to consult someone from outside your own company. Someone who looks at your company with an independent view, looks for possibilities and brings the desired change by applying the right knowledge. I take your worries from your and bring your project to a successful end. From the start up to the completion, I do your project management – in close consultation with you and following the agreements we made.

Temporary replacement

Illness or unanticipated circumstances can lead to a situation where you need someone on a temporary basis on short notice. Someone who takes over tasks and guarantees continuity, I offer you a helping hand at a fixed hourly rate, week or project. Without additional employer fees, insurances or other costs. You know exactly what you will get.