You see a fantastic opportunity for your company. But where do you find the funding to execute it?

First, you could use your savings. Or offer shares in your company. In this last case you make external shareholders co-owners of your company. You sell a part of your company. Depending on the extend you need financing and your company’s profile risk, you could attract equity. You can attract equity through a private investor, crowdfunding, a participation company, or a regional development company.

Financing business assets

When you need funding in order to purchase business assets to produce goods or deliver services, such as machines or inventory, you can attract long-term debt. You can apply for a bank loan, or lease business assets. Informal investors, crowdfunding, credit unions or micro financing can be an alternative to a bank finance.

Financing work capital

To finance your company’s working capital, for purchasing supplies or pre-financing debtors, you can have short-term debt. Depending on what you need the work capital for, you can finance short-term debt through factoring or taking a current account credit. You can apply for credit at a bank, credit union or possibly at suppliers. For factoring, you can address a factoring company.


There are also several types of grants and financing solutions from the authorities, for example for sustainability, agriculture, innovation and international entrepreneurship. These can be a solution or support when attracting equity as well as debt.


In short, there is a range of financing opportunities. What financing is most suitable for you? That depends on many things, amongst others the funding extends, your company’s phase, your company’s risk profile and the funding purpose. In case you decide to start a funding process, we agree on a clear approach. Next, I can support you in determining the financing need and structure, making an information report for investors, and negotiating terms and conditions. In an open and free of obligations meeting, I will tell you what I can do for you and where in your situation, possible effort from other parties may be required.

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