As an entrepreneur, you should be knowledgeable about many things. No doubt you are a star in your expertise, but as an entrepreneur you also have to deal with things you are naturally less good at.

Financial | Administrative

How do I set up my administration? What expenses can I make and which are better postponed? How much stock should I have? What costs should I calculate when determining my sales price? How do I deal with customers who don’t pay in time?

A proper administration and bookkeeping are of huge additional value to your company. You have an immediate insight into your results and can manage timely. However, time and knowledge are required for this. Time to keep up administration and knowledge, and to actually put it to practice in your business. Do you want more grip on your bookkeeping and administration?

Over a short period of time, I can help you get your administration in order, get more insight into your financial data, and enable you to manage it well. I can help you determine your optimal stock, purchasing moments, sales prices and customer friendly yet effective credit management. If required, I can also do your calculations or administrative tasks so that you can focus on your business’ core activities.

Marketing | Sales

How do I distinguish from my competitors? How can I reach my customers better? What opportunities and threats are there in today’s market? How do I handle customer complaints?

A good mix of marketing and sales instruments is essential to reach your clients and distinguish from competition. You can increase your turnover immensely with an effective use of marketing and sales instruments. How do you know what the right mix is for your target group? This requires proper research. The information from this research is your marketing strategy input.

In a couple of meetings, I can help you set up a marketing and sales strategy, and if required, support you in the execution. I can support, but also even take work from your hands by doing all common marketing and communication tasks such as developing a corporate identity, making brochures and flyers, writing press releases, newsletters and other texts, making a press list and improving your website.

General business coaching

Is it not a specific subject you want to discuss? Are you looking for someone who forces you to look in the mirror every once and a while? Someone to spar with on all every day issues?

As an entrepreneur you may sometimes feel like you are on your own. You don’t want to share your worries with those near to you. In the long run, there is also the chance of business blindness. Methods are no longer questioned, and in order to solve problems, you have a set measures pack.

In that case, it’s time for a sparring partner with an open mind. By talking to a professional consultant, you learn to look at your business in a different way. This provides you with inspiration to find new solutions and as a result, increase your profit. You can discuss anything that comes up in mind with me. We could be discussing business, your company’s future development or issues with customers, suppliers or other external parties.

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