Online presence, a functional website, taking opportunities on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and numerous other platforms, and from time to time using traditional media as well. Marketing develops very quickly. Do you have everything in order? Or could you use some help in this?

By now most companies are convinced of the importance of using social media for their future existence. We live in a client’s era, and the client wants to communicate with organisations through social media. In order to get a close connection to your clients, there is more to it than telling about your product or service. Your company’s or brand’s culture is much more relevant. For this it is essential to tell a good story – over a longer period of time.

Online and offline communication

Your online and offline communication should be in line with each other. Your client’s positive online experience should also be available offline. Clever use of new technologies and ideas can make sure online marketing seamlessly integrates with offline marketing and the other way round.

Strategy and execution

My purpose is to let your company grow. Whether it’s about finding new customers, generating revenues with existing clients or marketing a whole new product or service. I can help you marketing your products, setting up a sales strategy and if required, execute it for you – from a broad marketing and retail background. You save valuable time because I do the work for you, and you can focus on your core activities.

‘My target group was reasonably local and limited, but for a new retail entrepreneur door-to door flyers was a too expensive option. In order to make the shop better-known, the local press was used extensively. They were regularly informed through press releases on new developments, activities and assortment. They could, if it fit, write an article about it. Of course I advertised in those magazines as well. It generated lots of publicity. There was also a website that was renewed regularly and which boasted the same energy as the physical shop. People got new creative ideas on the website, which made them purchase in the shop.’
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