Doing business in The Netherlands isn’t always easy. Not even for those who have lived and worked in The Netherlands for many years. The Netherlands is known for a huge amount of regulations that you need to comply with.

In the database you will find relevant items to keep in mind when starting a company, such as registration at the Chamber of Commerce and tax authorities, different forms of businesses, zoning, licenses and insurances. I can give you more information on details that come with every one of these issues. I can also take work from you by initiating of completing some of these tasks for you. If you have already started your company I can support you with business administration, such as correspondence, records of client agreements of suppliers, requesting financing and/or subsidies and applying for licenses.


I can also support you in managing your finances. Think of credit management and processing administration. You will get a grip on your accounts and administration.


I can assist you in promoting your company, developing your corporate identity for example by writing website texts, but I can also do this work for you if you wish.

Help with doing business in The Netherlands

When starting up a business, it is nice to have someone around who you can ask questions every now and then. An experienced startup coach who thinks along. In our first introduction meeting, we discuss your expectations, agree on the things you require support in, and discuss the frequency and time frame.

Excellent support at the start of your business

10 hours: € 450,- ex. vat

Help with typical Dutch things

Agreements, forms, registrations, etc.

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