Pondok Kita, eat like the Indonesians do at home

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Advies-53372660_1300pxThe name ‘Pondok Kita’ can be translated as ‘our little home’ and it has to be said, in terms of floor surface both Ruth Gouw’s business locations aren’t very large. But this does by no means influence the range of products and taste perception! Her advice to starting entrepreneurs: ‘focus on the clients’ perception. Clients don’t just walk in.’

‘In January 2014 we started Pondok Kita as a modest shop-in-shop in the well-known Asia Golden Dragon took in Arnhem. We offer over 30 different Indonesian dishes in two displays. People love our food. By promoting the Indonesian kitchen in Dutch society, we want to contribute to enhancing the Dutch eating culture, and make the bond between The Netherlands and Indonesia stronger.’

Authentic taste perception without artificial flavour enhancers

‘We prepare authentic food from the Indonesian cuisine, which can be taken away freshly cooled. We only process premium fresh products, herbs and spices in our dishes, without the use of artificial flavour enhancers such as MSG (mono-sodium- glutamate E621; also known as ve-tsin.) This makes for a pure and authentic flavour perception without a dry mouth afterwards. Besides, our specialised cooking process add to our products’ high quality and food safety.’

Leading in Indonesian cuisine

‘Halfway in 2014 we have fully switched to large kitchen technics for preparing our dishes. With our knowledge of developed processes and technics, fully based on the large kitchen, we are leading in Indonesian cuisine. While the authentic flavour perception is maintained, this step allows for larger production capacity of constant quality with equal staff. Also, food safety and workplace safety are better secured now.’

Second location

‘Due to our first location’s success, we have been able to open a second shop on the Markt in downtown Arnhem last year. Beside take away, people can also enjoy a (lunch) meal or a bite & a drink.’