Participating in making a business grow gives me great energy and satisfaction. That’s why I like to help existing entrepreneurs and organisations in obtaining an overview of their business and find growth opportunities. My approach is pragmatic, result orientated and efficient. I start by determining goals and desired result, then I strongly address any issues and get others involved to get to an even better result together. Open communication and a sense of humour are ingredients I always bring to the table.

Business consultant and communications consultant

My specific experience is in the field of financial business and strategic communication. I worked as a business consultant and communications consultant for many years, and in these jobs I obtained a great deal of experience with retail and services entrepreneurs. During my business education at Business University Nyenrode as well as in my work as an advisor at a franchise organisation, I have been able to take a close look at different franchise concepts’ characteristics. I have been a retail entrepreneur for a number of years myself. You will read more about my own experience on this website.

(Starting) entrepreneurs of foreign descent

I feel especially connected to experts and specialists who have worked in a specific expertise in The Netherlands and due to circumstances, are no longer able to do their work employed, and to entrepreneurs of foreign descent. I aim to use the knowledge and experience I gained as a consultant for commercial companies, to help starting entrepreneurs in finding their way in the Dutch business environment.

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