The world around you is continuously moving. Do you know how to anticipate? You might see business opportunities sometimes. But are they actually profitable? Should you make a product yourself or purchase it? Should or shouldn’t you enter a new market? How can you anticipate seasonal changes and properly plan investments? Would you like to change thoughts about your ideas and would you like to know If your idea can be transformed into a concrete strategy and planning?

Business analysis

My support starts with an analysis of your company’s current situation. All internal and external factors that influence your company are carefully looked at. Next, I will provide you with an insight into current and future strategies’ consequences for turnover, costs and profit – including detailed financial prognoses. These are prognoses, that offer you a reliable starting point for your decision making. Prognoses you can refer back to, when you want to compare actual developments to your expectations.

Solid business and more adhesion

This allows a base for solid business, and makes your grip on your company even firmer. It allows you to easily offer an insight in developments within your company to banks or other investors, and this enhances your current and/or future investors’ confidence.

Complete and comprehensible prognoses

Focussing your strategy and making a budget and implementation plan, is a time consuming and complex task. I can offer you complete and comprehensible strategic documents and financial prognoses, that will actually be of great help to you.

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